Technical Analysis


Complete Technical Analysis Course

In this module, we will walk you through professional trading methods. Right from picking the stocks for trading to entries and exit in a stock. You will become an expert in chart reading, price direction analysis, and Rule-based trading. It will help you in identifying money-making opportunities in intraday, BTST, and Swing/positional trading. You will be introduced to advance tools like screeners, used only by professional traders. The course covers everything that you need to know about analyzing charts and making profits through stock market trading.


Key Course Highlights

Level – 1 (Stock Trading)

  • Introduction to Stock Market & Technical Analysis
  • Candlesticks & chartting
  • Dow theory Explanation
  • Support, Resistance & Trendline Concept
  • Money and Risk Management
  • Moving Average and Moving Average Strategy
  • Reversal Trading Strategies Using RSI
  • Short term trading strategy using True strength Index Indicator.
  • Use of Fibonacci tool to find targets
  • Trading strategy using Keltner channels
  • Chart Patterns Based Trading Strategies
  • Method to Trail stop loss

Level – 2 (Options Trading)

  • Basics of Options
  • Understanding Options Greeks
  • Option Chain Analysis
  • Understanding India Vix
  • Understanding Option Buying
  • Option Buying Spread Strategies
  • Bull Spread & Bear Spread
  • Adjustments of Bull and Bear Spread to minimize loss
  • Calendar & Adjustments
  • Option Selling Basics
  • Option Selling with less capital
  • Regular income from option selling
  • Intraday Option Buying & Selling
  • Non-Directional Butterfly & Adjustment
  • Directional Butterfly & adjustments
  • Iron fly & adjustments
  • Strangles & Straddles
  • Iron Condor

Classes will be of 30 days, If required we will increase the duration.


Mode of Training

Offline Classes Available only in Bilaspur Chhattisgarh